Issue No. 4


Welcome to The Holistic Advocate.

Since my last site update, I've not dedicated as much time as I should have in preference to giving priority in producing online radio shows which anyone can listen to for the first hour either on You Tube, via this site or on various other social media outlets.

As anyone who has visited this site before can attest to, changes have been made. I wanted to revamp the 'architectural' structure of this site to accommodate visitors using portable devices and smartphones. Because more and more people are using these gadgets as a means to connect with the rest of the world, myself included, I felt it was important to not only individually profile each invited guest being interviewed but in the process, potentially draw a larger listening audience as well.

In this month's issue, I discuss the ever-mounting push towards Transhumanism. Marketed as an alternative to being superior the the human body, this movement has found popular support among followers who have embraced the disturbing idea of someday being injected with nanotechnology in the expectation of living a healthier life and a longer existence. The question to ask here is: Could such a modified human body transcend to such prominence and if so, are we spiritually mature enough to tinker with the unknown?

Next, I discuss the Drug Resistant Strains of Bacteria that are according to some clinicians, impervious to the most potent antibiotics. Why is this occurring and equally important to consider is, could circulating reports of antibiotic resistance be just the tip of the iceberg?

It's no known secret that antibiotics have been proven as a godsend for anyone suffering from a serious bout of infection. But because our society has become quite literally conditioned to becoming 'pillpoppers' for any ailment, including pills to combat infection as well as being subjected to foreign substances deemed appropriate for fattening farm animals which eventually end up in the food chain, is it to anyone's surprise that we've already uncorked a scenario for a potential tragedy?

Finally, I discuss the Health Benefits of Garlic. Long revered as not only an essential ingredient in ethnic dishes, garlic has also helped seekers wanting to attain good health.

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